Jimmy Jerker
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 9 - 11
Birthday: August 27, 2001
Hair color:       Brown
Eye color:       Black (simply blue)
Personal Information
  Magic Twig leader
  Motor Mouth
  Tara Jerker, Carlos Jerker, Ian Wilson, Frederick Chiper, A.N. Twinsion,Jane Radinshoe, Arnold McGowan
  Quinney, Frederick Chiper (sometimes), Nick Vortex, Zanny, Zepher
  Holding the Magic Twig, Reading, Math, Working
Mr. Jerker and Mrs. Jerker
Carlos Jekrer and Tara Jerker
Production Information
First Appearance:
  The Magic Twig comics (2010)

Adventure Calls! (in TV show)

Jimmy Jerker is the main character in the Magic Twig series. He is 10 years old, and likes science, reading and studing. He is the twin brother of Tara Jerker, and his younger brother named Carlos Jerker.

In the series, Jimmy appeared in the Magic Twig comics, the first launch of the Magic Twig. He appeared in the comic strip called "Adventure Calls", published on July 19, 2010. Jimmy was wearing a black suit and pants, originally not wearing his normal clothing in the TV series. His hair was dark brown, and he has cartoon eyes. The second TMT strip was "Robin Hood", which was published on September 24, 2010. Jimmy was wearing the same clothing, and appearance. In the strip, Jimmy is shown that he hates loud noises, because of A.N. playing her guitar, Jane playing her flute, and Tara singing. Futhermore of the strip, the sheriff, kidnaped Robin Hood and his men, Tara, Jane and A.N. Jimmy was hiding in the bushes. He saw the sheriff and the kidnapped people. Jimmy followed them,  and than saw the gang. Jimmy actually heard the sheriff saying this: "You will say here for 65 weeks. My men will make sure you don't escape." Jimmy was worried, but had an idea. He went up to a guard, and gave him a gumdrop. Jimmy tryed to trick the guard, and it worked. He took the keys, then saved Robin Hood and his gang, A.N., Tara and Jane. They went back to the forest. Robin Hood made Jimmy a hero, and let him keep his hat. The twig returned the gang home, and Jimmy was annoyed of the noise. In the December 5 comic, "The Hidden Treasure", Jimmy was wearing his swimming suit, for swimming class. For the adventure, he was once again wearing his swimming suit. In the TV series starting from March 24, 2011, Jimmy was wearing a red T-shirt, with blue jeans. Throughout the television series, Jimmy was wearing his red T-shirt with blue jeans.
Jimmy has an twin sister named Tara Jerker, which is the same age as Jimmy. She is born on August 27, 2001, same as the birthdate of Jimmy. Later on, Jimmy and Tara had another baby brother named Carlos Jerker, which is born on April 6, 2002. Carlos is the youngest of the Jerker family, which made Jimmy and Tara's sibling. Carlos did not appear in the first or second comic of the Magic Twig, but did appear in the third, the seventh, and the thirteeth. It is hard to be a brother, for Jimmy.
Jimmy's education is at Bitsville Elemantary, with his friends A.N., Frederick, Jane and Ian, and with siblings Tara and Carlos Jerker. Jimmy is in grade 6, (starting from Season 3), but originally in Season 2, was in grade 5. Jimmy was in grade 4 in Season 1, which he was 9 years of age. Actually, in the comic strips, Jimmy was shown that he was in grade 3. It was shown in The Bully, The Hidden Treasure, and The Laugh Machine.
==The Magic Twig (TV series)==
Jimmy first appeared in the TV series episode "Adventure Calls", on March 24, 2011, with Tara, Mrs. Jerker and Mr. Jerker. Jimmy founded a twig. It was the Magic Twig. Jimmy and Tara went on an adventure to Rome. Jimmy wanted to guide the Magic Twig, but keeps dropping it. Tara has guided the twig, around Rome. Furthermore,  guards of Rome surrouded Jimmy and Tara, until a female romain came to save them. The romain female's name was Lucia, and became Tara and Jimmy's friend. She showed them around the Romain government and showed them the basics. 2 hours later of the episode, Jimmy and Tara returned home from Rome. Jimmy agreed it was amazing. Then, Jimmy said: "Next time, let me guide magic twig for the next adventure".  The next television episode is "Pirate Adventure", which aired March 29, 2011. It was the first appearance of Ian Waltons, Carlos Jerker and A.N. Twinsion. Carlos told Jimmy that pirates are real. Jimmy annoyed him and said: "Carlos, you pip squeak. Pirates are not real. Get used to it." The kids went on an adventure. The magic twig took them to an island. The island of pirates. The pirates were looking for buried treasure. Then, Jimmy interruped the pirates' quest and said "I cannot beilve this. You stupid pirates aren't supposed to be real. It's fake!" Jimmy was provoking the pirates, and made Jimmy cross the plank. A.N. told the pirates to let him free. Jimmy was serious and told A.N.: "Don't worry about it A.N. It is all Carlos' fault!" Carlos was upset and confused. Jimmy jumped into the water. Crodciles began to chop Jimmy. Ian threw the rope and got Jimmy to safety. Jimmy was angry. Then, the pirates hit an island. They were proud and got of the ship. The kids followed them. The pirate dug up an V and founded the treasure. Jimmy was angry. "Those stupid pirates must detect that the letter must me an "X". NOT a "V"! A bear was running towards the gang and went back to the ship. Jimmy tripped on a rock, and got eaten by a bear. The pirates hit another island, and looked for more treasure. Jimmy was concered. The pirates then dug up an W and founded gold. Jimmy got eaten by another bear. Jimmy wanted to get off the ship, and swimmed tryed to swim to shore. Then, sharks chased Jimmy, and Tara warned him. Jimmy ignored her, and Ian yelled "Jimmy! Sharks are chasing you!" Jimmy listened. He is in danger. Carlos got a rope and told the gang and pirates to pull the rope to save Jimmy. The twig glowed and returned the kids back home. Jimmy then does think pirates are real. He then appeared thoughout the Magic Twig TV series.
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