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The Adventures of the Magic Twig (originally known as The Magic Twig or TMT) is an television series that never aired yet on BIEDKids. The series was created in September 24, 2010 and created the television series on March 24, 2011. So far, the series have 2 seasons.


Main Article: The Magic Twig (comics)

The comics of the Magic Twig was created by an unknown bitstripper. The comics were
formed on September 24, 2010, with Bitstrips For Schools. It was formed on in 2010 by Henry Larden.

So far, the final Magic Twig comic was "The Treasure Chest" and was
published on November 13, 2010, and many people
thought that made the final comic strip. Then, couple months ago,
the unknown bitstripper announced that the Magic Twig comic series
has ended on March 23, 2011, a day before the first episode of the Magic Twig
TV series started. RUN
September 24, 2010-
March 23, 2011

TV seriesEdit

Main Article: The Magic Twig (TV series)

The TV series was created by the Bitstrips Animation Studio, on March 24, 2011. It
was about the Magic Twig (like the comics), and the same characters. So far, it aired
two seasons, and ran on BIEDKids. CANCELLION When season 1 ended on October 5, 2011, many people think that the Magic Twig series
has been cancelled, and had only 26 episodes in the season. But BIEDKids made an
announcement that season 2 of the Magic Twig will happen on January 5, 2012. RUN 24 minutes
March 24, 2011 - present